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LAFOP Winter Journal 2018

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WINTER 2017 2018 Vol 1 No 1 3 5 President Darrell Basco What Have you Done for the FOP Lately 2nd Vice President James Folks Recruitment 7 9 11 13 M 15 M 17 M 19 M 21 M 25 m 28 m On the Cover Treasurer Jim Gallagher The FOP Plan Protecting Good Cops Secretary Dawn Powell A Pleasure to Represent you Conductor Charlie Guey Law Enforcement and the Protection of Rights Guard Gary Ferrari Jr Power in Numbers is More than a Phrase Sgt At Arms Susan Herbert Every LA Officer Needs to Join the FOP Chaplain Pete Menkiewicz The Origins and Meaning of TAPS National Secretary Patrick Yoes Open Enrollment Period and GiveBack 5 5 5 Governmental Liason Joe Mapes Get into Politics or Get out of Policing Easter Seals LA FOP Proudly Supports Conference Pictures Scenes from the 2017 National FOP Conference Louisiana FOP won the bid for the 2019 National FOP Biennial Conference The Louisina FOP Journal is the official medium of expression for the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police and is published by Callan Publishing Inc Editorial contributions will be handled with reasonable care however the publisher assumes no responsibility for the safety of artwork photographs or manuscripts Copyright 2018 Callan Publishing Inc All rights reserved Find us online at www louisianafop com WINTER 2017 2018 1

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President Darrell Basco What Have you Done for the FOP Lately The title of the article seems to be a common thought among members that I have spoken with in local lodges across the state Members expect leaders of this organization to represent them daily to make our profession better today than it was yesterday They expect this of their Board of Directors their State Committees their local lodge Trustees and their local Executive Board As member of this organization and being chosen to serve on a committee or elected to an office you need to ask this question to yourself What have you done for the FOP Lately I contacted a local lodge president one day about an issue and asked how their day was going and they replied Just FOPing As a leader I remind you that FOPing is what your membership expects of you They want you to be a leader for the organization and bring new ideas security and increased professionalism to their jobs on a daily basis Remember Find us online at www louisianafop com that you represent all members of your lodge whether they be municipal officers sheriff s deputies retirees or any other law enforcement professionals in your local lodge As a local leader make sure that your membership knows what the lodge is doing to support them Utilize electronic media and any other format to keep your members informed so they should never wonder What the FOP has done for them lately Members attend and participate in meetings so you can stay informed of the business of the order on a local state and national level On a state lodge level we have immersed ourselves into serving all of our members For retirees we are beginning to work with the different pensions systems to find a way to assure solvency and make COLA s happen for our members We are working to expand Medicare advantage coverage s and insurance benefits for retirees and active members For both active and retired members the FOP offers a legal defense plan that cannot be replaced by any other in the Nation it is the premier legal protection plan for law enforcement Across Louisiana there are testimonials of legal defense and the value that it gives our members We are present in the Louisiana legislature on a daily basis with our legislative committee and governmental liaison firm Mapes Mapes The impact for members both active and retired is tremendous in the legislature with grassroots action The legislative session will be highlighted in another article within the Journal On the state level we are facilitating with local lodges to empower them to set goals follow through and be successful in achieving them I and any member of the State Executive Board are always available to lend assistance in helping you achieve your goals Let the membership know what you have done for them lately WINTER 2017 2018 2

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Second Vice President James Folks Recruitment The Fraternal Order of Police is the largest rank and file organization in the country representing over 300 000 officers nationwide The Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police represents over 6 000 members in lodges across the state While these numbers may seem good we are leaving a large number of agencies and officers behind there are currently over 300 police departments and 64 parish sheriff s offices in Louisiana the majority of which are not Fraternal Order of Police members With the work that has been done in the legislature and the grassroots efforts our state has added numerous lodges in the last 6 years As members we have the responsibility to promote the Fraternal Order of Police to provide the information that will give an officer the knowledge of what the Fraternal Order of Police is and what it is not and to explain the benefits and protections offered to members Find us online at www louisianafop com Every Fraternal Order of Police member has a voice From the largest lodge to the smallest lodge each member receives the same benefits and has the same voice when it comes to decisions being made that affect every law enforcement officer The Louisiana Fraternal of Police is the only law enforcement organization that has a presence in the State Legislature every day From supplemental pay to the Police Officer Bill of Rights the FOP maintains working relationships with our government officials to fight for our rights as law enforcement The members of the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police are widespread We all know of law enforcement officers that are not FOP members and we all need to reach out to those officers to explain what the Fraternal Order of Police can do to protect them and their families I challenge each member to speak with these officers and let them know who and what the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police has to offer To recruit every officer in every agency no matter the size As law enforcement we are faced with the same problems of potential civil and legal issues every day with the protection of the Legal Defense Plan it offers members legal representation during civil criminal and administrative complaints The Legal Defense Plan offers the protection that we need as officers to continue to protect and serve Guide them to the website at www louisianafop com or to our Facebook page and other social media sites Offer to speak to the chiefs and sheriffs to tout the benefits of being a Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police member and how the Fraternal of Police is an organization that supports the rank and file officers in Louisiana in every way we can WINTER 2017 2018 3

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Treasurer Jim Gallagher The FOP Legal Defense Plan Protecting Good Cops Not Keeping Bad Ones The mission of the Fraternal Order of Police here in Louisiana and elsewhere is to promote and foster the enforcement of law and order to improve the individual and collective proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties to encourage fraternal educational charitable and social activities among law enforcement officers to support the improvement of the standard of living and working conditions of the law enforcement profession and to provide benefits and services to our members in furtherance of these goals There is no more important benefit of membership in the Fraternal Order of Police than access to its FOP Legal Defense Plan The FOP Legal Defense Plan is owned and operated by the National Fraternal Order of Police and was designed exclusively for the legal defense protection of law enforcement officers Considering today s litigious society the tremendous increase in assaults against police officers and the presence of Find us online at www louisianafop com advocacy groups encouraging the filing of complaints against police officers legal defense protection is a necessity for the modern law enforcement professional Every law enforcement officer must act to protect their family their home their career and their financial security The Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan is designed to provide that protection by paying all reasonable and necessary legal costs associated with defending police officers against administrative discipline criminal investigation and civil litigation The F O P Legal Defense Plan provides our members with an attorney from the very outset of an investigation or filing of civil litigation It allows members an unrestricted choice of attorneys and requires no fees or retainer from the officer It covers all duty related allegations whether on duty or off duty The plan pays all reasonable and necessary expenses including private investigators and expert witnesses when needed Attorneys are paid directly by the plan and there is no out of pocket expense When an FOP approved Legal Plan attorney is used there are no limits on coverage The F O P Legal Defense Plan includes federal L E O S A coverage for members carrying a concealed weapon outside of their jurisdiction and provides additional benefits such as optional lost wage reimbursement if suspended In today s world no law enforcement professional would consider reporting to duty without a fully functional duty weapon and wearing a protective bullet proof vest Likewise no law enforcement professional should report to duty without the protections offered by the Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan For more information please visit www foplegal com Fraternally Jim Gallagher WINTER 2017 2018 4

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Secretary Dawn Powell A Pleasure to Represent You Greetings It has been a pleasure representing you on the State Board as your State Secretary for the last two years As always this position is one that requires time and attention to detail It definitely keeps me on my toes I hope to continue helping in many aspects of this fraternity I am involved in many facets of your State Board such as Chairman for the Legislative Committee Expansion Committee and helping our President wherever he needs assistance It is important to like and share our social media posts as well as keeping an active email address on file with your local state and national lodge so when we need to get important information out you are not left out The last couple legislative sessions have shown exactly how powerful we are and can be Your committee as well as your Lobbyist Joe Mapes have fought tirelessly to stay on top of the key topics and legislation that is being brought forth The Expansion Committee has met with several agencies trying to expand lodges and show them what the FOP can do for them We are in the early stages of bringing on several new lodges Word of mouth is the best recommendation Be sure to mention the FOP to your fellow law enforcement coworkers and friends As 2017 is coming to a close I would like to remind everyone that your dues for 2018 were due on November 1 If the lodge secretary has not received the packet from national with dues information please contact me or National ASAP I wish you and your family a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year Stay safe AL Cleaners foplegal com Find us online at www louisianafop com WINTER 2017 2018 5

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Conductor Charlie Guey Law Enforcement and the Protection of Rights First I would like to thank the members of the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police for allowing me to serve you for the past 15 years Recently the media has been promoting the actions of certain individuals in disrespecting our flag country and military by not standing in their honor for the National Anthem Everyone knows that this all started because of an NFL player who decided that he would protest the treatment of minorities by law enforcement by kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem at a televised NFL game The liberal media jumped on this and publicized it with great enthusiasm The media because of its one sidedness has taken Find us online at www louisianafop com the opinion of one entitled privileged millionaire who has done nothing in life other than play a sport and sensationalize it to the point that at every sporting event they look for players willing to join in to disrespect our military and country Because of the media giving credibility to his opinion they have used it to their benefit to create what they report as news The longer this drags on the more creditability this issue seems to gain Recently the President of the United States chimed in and made comments that many of us have been thinking and for doing so has been chastised be the liberal media and other sports figures As law enforcement officers we are tasked with protecting the rights of our citizens no matter how distasteful it may become We along with our military are held to higher standard than these performers Unlike them we will continue to perform our duties in lawful and professional matter and give our military flag and country the respect it deserves As a profession and as an organization we must stand together on this issue and continue to honor those who have given all and continue to give so that these individuals can exercise their rights whether we agree or disagree God Bless the FOP our Armed Forces and the United States of America WINTER 2017 2018 6

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Guard Gary Ferrari Jr Power in Numbers is More than a Phrase it s a Way of Life Reflections on Difficult Times and How Law Enforcement comes together There s power in numbers There is power in numbers when people working together are greater and stronger than working alone It s why we in law enforcement build strong teams enjoy networking work in groups value our relationships and believe in the potential of unspoken human bond I want to tell a brief story about power in numbers related to our beloved Fraternal Order of Police August of 2016 Southeast Louisiana suffered a historical flood that rendered thousands of homes uninhabitable mine being one There were several members of law enforcement who were in the same position as everyone else in the area Law enforcement focused on saving lives and it took tremendous manpower effort Being on the front line I witness the power in numbers as law enforcement joined with civilians whom they have never met and set out to bring people to safety We boarded airboats mud boats utility vehicles high water vehicles etc with a like mindset and goal but never asked why We networked in large numbers to accomplish a mission that no one person Find us online at www louisianafop com could do This was only the beginning As law enforcement officers we strive and work to exhaustion for saving the human race This effort was incredible to see and participate in On the flip side it was very emotional to see our community crippled and families ripped apart by devastation As a leader of our local Lodge sitting at my desk a day or two after the Amite River crest I had a break down moment WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW I asked myself my people my brothers and sisters are going to need help and I can t do it alone I got off of work and headed to my flooded home to see it for the first time since we left that Sunday I thought I was emotionally prepared to see this but apparently I was not This day took a toll on me it was overwhelming So overwhelming I turned and walked away and headed back to my family During the ride it hit me that everyone I would depend on also had flooded homes I pushed the help button Send button on an email to the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police Little did I know the power in numbers was coming in full force I watched as the numbers built from all ages cops and their family members I had never met just showed up to help For the next 7 to 10 days the numbers kept coming back helping to rid our homes of water soaked material and attempts to save our property These men and women worked until they physically could not go anymore but the job got done In closing be proud you are more than a number we are brothers and sisters we are family we are F O P we are Power in Numbers WINTER 2017 2018 7

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Sgt at Arms Susan Hebert Every Louisiana Officer Needs to Join the FOP Every law enforcement officer in Louisiana needs to be a member of the FOP if nothing more than to take advantage of the FOP Legal Defense Plan It is this premise that Louisiana Lodge 100 was created Doing so offers the ability to have administrative civil and criminal legal representation What makes Lodge 100 unique is that it allows law enforcement officers to join even when there isn t enough potential members in their agencies to Find us online at www louisianafop com form a local lodge At the direction of President Darrell Basco one of my roles as Sgt at Arms is to serve as the liaison for Pelican Lodge 100 I keep track of members process per capita and encourage all members to join Legal Defense For anyone needing additional information on membership in Lodge 100 please email me at sahebert710 gmail com Now that the fast pace of the Nashville National Conference is over I would like to offer my congratulations to Patrick Yoes on his re election as our National Secretary for his 7th term and Tommy Tizzard as Louisiana s National Trustee for his 2nd term Also at the conference we had a Taste of LA for delegates to build excitement for the 2019 Conference I am looking forward to working on the preparations and planning for the National s return to New Orleans WINTER 2017 2018 8

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Chaplain Pete Menkiewicz The Origins and Meaning of TAPS We in law enforcement are a close knit and kindred family and we take great pride in our dedication to our communities and each other When any of our members is killed we are gravely affected individually and collectively We go to great lengths to properly memorialize them Recently police departments and sheriff s offices from Baton Rouge to Dallas to New York and many other communities have lost members killed in the line of duty In each instance these departments conducted solemn and moving ceremonies honoring this officer who have made their last roll call A common element of these services is the mournful melody know as TAPS Those 24 soul stirring notes are easily recognized as the final farewell to heroines and heroes There are several accounts about the origin of TAPS One such report dates back to 1862 during the Civil Find us online at www louisianafop com War It describes how a Union Officer Captain Robert Ellicombe retrieved a wounded soldier from the battlefield near Harrisons Landing Virginia He brought the stricken lad to his camp for medical attention but the soldier died en route In the light of the camp Captain Ellicombe saw that the dead youth was a Confederate soldier he was his own son that had gone south before the war to study music Young Ellicobe s pockets contained some papers with musical notes scribble on them The next day Captain Ellicombe buried his son on that battlefield As he did so he had the company bugler play this 24 notes And thus we have the humble beginning of the bugle call TAPS Since then those 24 notes haunting notes have been played at funerals wreath laying and memorials across the land We in law enforcement use TAPS in our ceromonies It begins is to remembers our brother and sisters who have serviced with honor and valor There is probably nothings sad and beautiful as that soulful salute as it drifts across a solemn group of police officers who have gathered to say farewell to a fallen comrade or to memorials those who have made the ultimate sacrifice There are no official words to TAPS but many have been written The author James Jones included the rendition in his prize winning novel From Here to Eternity Perhaps the words most suitable for a slain police officer are these Farewell thee well Brave hero Thanks to you We are safe All is well Rest in Peace God is nigh Go with Him WINTER 2017 2018 9

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National Secretary Patick Yoes Open Enrollment Period and GiveBack 5 5 5 The key to the success of the LAFOP lies almost solely in our ability to communicate effectively with our members and that ability just got better After a lapse the journal is back There can be no doubt that our electronic newsletters and social media have aided tremendously in getting information out to our members Our goal beginning with this issue is to empower members with detailed developments and trends in the law enforcement and labor communities as well as provide information on FOP programs and benefits available to members Many of you may be aware that we are now in the open enrollment period for the LAFOP Voluntary Benefits program underwritten by Colonial Life It is important that your lodge members are made aware that they have this program available During open enroll Find us online at www louisianafop com ment will be the only time members will have the ability to enroll without being medically underwritten These benefits have been customized for our membership and are tailored for law enforcement and include 24 hour coverage on or off duty Gunshot wound benefit Guarantee Issue no medical questions life and disability insurance Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness with Cancer coverage Wellness benefits payable for all covered family members Spouse disability coverage available The GiveBack 5 5 5 program is alive and well and we are actively encouraging our members to participate GiveBack is a philanthropy platform that has been customized for the FOP to allow members to make recurring donations set up via credit or debit card with 5 going to the National Peace Officers Memorial 5 going to our State Lodge Foundation and 5 going to our National PAC Your participation in this important program allows us to help our members in need promote better working conditions for law enforcement through legislation and to pay tribute to our fallen Last but certainly not least I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Louisiana State FOP for your support in re electing me as National Secretary I will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf to address challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in law enforcement both active and retired You have my word that I will honor the trust you have once again given me and will seek meaningful solutions for those challenges WINTER 2017 2018 10

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Legal Counsel Donovan Livaccari What Process is Due We hear the phrase Due Process a lot But what does it mean and am I entitled to Due Process Individuals are entitled to due process before the government interferes with the individual s rights For example one has a right to move about However if you are accused of a crime the government may seek to impede your right to move about In order to take your right to move about the government must afford you Due Process before they can do so The 5th and 14th Amendments to the U S Constitution ensure that we are entitled to Due Process That doesn t answer the question though What is Due Process The courts say that in order to know what Due Process is one must ask What process is due Helpful right At its basic level Due Process entails notice and an opportunity to respond If one is accused of a criminal infraction we might look to the Code of Criminal Procedure to figure out what process is due We know that you have a right to make an appearance in court for the purpose of establishing bail Find us online at www louisianafop com We know that if you are arrested for a misdemeanor the State has to file an Indictment or a Bill of Information within in 45 days or 60 days for a felony If the State does not meet that burden then you would be released without a bail obligation How does this apply to police officers Police officers are either at will employees civil service employees or engage in collective bargaining Police officers who are at will employees are only entitled to those protections granted to them by their employer At will employees can usually be fired for any non discriminatory reason At will employees do not have a right to their employment Police officers who work under an employment contract are entitled to the protections in their contract Police officers who work in a Civil Service system have a property right in their employment That means that the employing agency cannot interfere with that right without affording the employee Due Process What process is due Well to answer that question we look to the Department s policies and procedures Civil Service Rules and the law For example in Louisiana police officers are protected by the Louisiana Police Officers Bill of Rights La R S 40 2531 The Bill of Rights affords officers the right to be informed of the accusations at the time of any interrogation The Louisiana Constitution says that officers can only be disciplined subject to cause expressed in writing In New Orleans officers are entitled to notice of a disciplinary hearing at least 5 days prior to the hearing If the government employer skips any of those steps then the officer has not been afforded the process that is due Due process is a vague complicated legal thing It is hard to put your finger on it However it is very important If an officer is not afforded Due Process it could result in discipline being overturned Know your rights Or better yet call your FOP attorney to get a better idea of whether or not your Due Process rights have been violated WINTER 2017 2018 11

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WlKTtft 201 7 2013 Voi l No 1

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Governmental Liason Joe Mapes Get into Politics or Get out of Policing The ongoing tension between community and police brought a new day in how American law enforcement officers do their jobs Politicians have taken up the issue to fix policing with new laws that include de escalation community policing defunding and intensive re training People with little knowledge about law enforcement are currently shaping policy that will apply to all police departments If some of these ideas become law you won t want to be a law enforcement officer anymore You won t want your family to work in law enforcement and you won t even recognize the profession that you signed up to represent FOP members don t typically participate in politics They tend to accept the policy of their department as their rules of operation and policy is developed based on what the current laws allow FOP members are no different Find us online at www louisianafop com than most people They don t think the laws and politics affect them very much Thus most don t bother to participate in politics Members think their voice isn t heard in politics and their vote doesn t count Nothing is further from the truth As the 2017 Louisiana legislature approached law enforcement didn t know what to think Law enforcement reform was being discussed like a big storm coming What we expected and what we discovered were two different things Yes several bad bills regarding law enforcement were filed but they were limited to a small number of individuals in the legislature We expected total chaos however we discovered an immense respect for law enforcement in both the House and the Senate We used this respect to help defeat and amend most bills hurtful to law enforcement We fought bad legislation but the time has also come to be pro active and file our own bills to promote and protect law enforcement Passing bills is a lot more difficult than killing and amending It takes years to accomplish but both can only be accomplished with grassroots support and participation from rank and file law enforcement officers like you But don t forget the wolves at the door For example the NFL players are now leading the anti police movement in America This will spur even further disrespect for law enforcement Regardless the LA FOP is fighting to kill amend or pass legislation you had better begin participating in politics when your association asks you to do so You don t have to join us at the table if you don t want but it is set and your opponents are already sitting at the table sharpening their knives And remember folks if you re not at the table you re on the menu WINTER 2017 2018 12

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Easter Seals Louisiana Easter Seals Louisiana is a non profit organization founded in 1951 and their mission is to assist children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities Easter Seals Louisiana provides support to over 10 000 Louisianians on a yearly basis These services ranged from Support Coordination and Early Development Screenings to Transitional Housing and Specific Assistance Easter Seals Louisiana strives to provide the best services and programs available to assist children and adults with disabilities and special needs achieve independence in their lives and their communities The Fraternal Order of Police is a proud sponsor and supporter of Easter Seals on the national level as well as the state level As a direct result of the F O P involvement and assistance to Easter Seals Louisiana National Secretary Patrick Yoes and LA National Trustee Tommy Tizzard were asked to sit on the Board of Directors of Louisiana Easter Seals Chris Brown Danny Wright Pat Yoes Tommy Tizzard LA FOP was well represented at the recent Easter Seals Sealed in Style Gala their annual fund raising even In attendance were Dona Wright Lodge 12 president Daniel Wright Jeanette Krinke past LA secretary Gus Krinke LA National Trustee Tommy Tizzard Easter Seals CEO Tracy Garner past LA National Trustee Willie Patin National Secretary Pat Yoes and Sgt Chris Brown Troop B troopers association president Find us online at www louisianafop com WINTER 2017 2018 14

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Winter Issue Guest Column Johnny Frederic I have been retired for 13 years and as a lot of you know I was extremely active in the Fraternal Order of Police While I still love the camaraderie of the organization a lot has changed in the last few years Officers today are under the constant threat of being videotaped and having it being used by those with an agenda to bring about false public opinion Ten seconds of video tape on the 24 hour news networks can have an officer subject to unjustified civil and criminal litigation not to mention the social media feeding frenzy that they will have to endure It s not just the officers but their entire family that suffers through months and sometimes years of scrutiny until the officer is exonerated There is hope It s the hope built through the years that we were a major part It s the hope that gave us comfort through our active years and that hope lies in the future of the Fraternal Order of Police Today s Louisiana FOP has the number one legislative team on the job keeping the special interest off the backs of our law enforcement officers Our National Legal Defense Plan is second to none and goes way beyond what any other fraternal benevolent or union organization can offer our young active brothers and Find us online at www louisianafop com sisters Just these two things alone can do a tremendous amount of good While it won t stop the accusations it will help our officers through the worst of times As a membership we need to become more active in spreading the word to law enforcement officers that don t know about the FOP many active officers have no idea what we do or how to access to these programs As a retiree some of us still sit on boards and occupy places on committees and still use this organization as a social gathering Today s FOP is so much more than that I know I can hear it just like if you were standing next to me But they won t come to the meetings Times have changed It is incumbent on us the seasoned veterans to change with them We need to become the voice of recruitment Encourage young law enforcement officers to become members to become active in OUR organization Guide them and mentor them to take your place on those boards and committees These officers have serious problems They need serious help and we can give that to them but we need them to become leaders of tomorrow These guys are not interested in free beer and food They want an organization that will stand up for them and give them the support they need So here are a few suggestions 1 Those of us that have been around do well as advisors But we need to focus on key active people to take our spots on executive and committee positions 2 We need to inform them that we have the answers and have someone in our lodges versed enough to answer the questions 3 We need to reach out to them Every lodge should have a recruitment program willing to speak to officers inside and outside their department One tree can be the start of a great forest but you have to give it a place to grow and there is no more fertile ground than the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police WINTER 2017 2018 15

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Scenes from the 2017 National FOP Conference 63rd Biennial Conference Louisiana delegates take the floor at the NFOP Conference President Darrell Basco and VP Tiger Folks on the floor at NFOP Nashville 16 LOUISIANA FOP JOURNAL Opening Ceremony of the NFOP 2017 Nashville Conference Find us online at www louisianafop com

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63rd Biennial Conference National Trustee Tommy Tizzard Treasurer Jim Gallagher President Darrell Basco National Secretary Pat Yoes and Crescent City Lodge 2 member Claude Schlesinger Giving out the Swag Giving out the Swag Chaplain Peter Menkiewicz getting ready for a Taste of Louisiana Lodge 12 President Danny Wright and Guard Gary Ferrari and Brandon Moran Find us online at www louisianafop com WINTER 2017 2018 17

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63rd Biennia l Conference Taste of Louisi an a Taste of Louisi ana National Secretary Patrick Yoes and the members of the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police In cooperation with the Louisiana Seafood Advisory Board cordially invite you to be our guest for a Taste of Louisiana Fraternal Orclei of Police National Conference August 11 15 2019 Shrimp Creole Fried Alligator Fried Crawfish Jambalaya and more Find us onlin As a preview of the southern hospitality that awaitsyou at the 2019 National Conference Wednesday August 30th 3 00 pm 6 00 pm Location Event Center Lawn Along pathway leading to Grand Ole Opry e at www loui sianafop com WINTER 2017 2018 18

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63rd Biennial Conference Bradley Hutchinson and Danny Wright showing off the hot sauce Taste of Louisiana Sam Frederic Susan Hebert Virginia Frederic getting ready to serve Find us online at www louisianafop com WINTER 2017 2018 19

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