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Patrick Yoes
National Secretary
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of Police
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Fraternal Order of Police Honors 199
Fallen Heroes in Washington on
May 15, 2018
National Peace
Officer’s Memorial
Photo by Thomas J. Lemmer
Advancement of the Colors
United States Capitol Police
National Anthem
Sgt. Christopher Wilburn
Indianapolis Police Dept.
Chaplain Phil Wiggins
National Fraternal Order of Police
President Chuck Canterbury
National Fraternal Order of Police
Auxiliary President Linda Hennie
National Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary
Vice President Mike Pence
United States of America
Branch & Dean
National Recording Artist
President Donald Trump
United States of America
“Not a Day Goes By”
Dustin Diernfelt
Kansas City Police Dept.
“I’ll Stand By You”
Ginny Woolridge
National Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary
Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police
Thirty-Seventh Annual
National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service
For more information, contact VP Terry Whitlock at
Wilbert Funeral Services provides families of law
enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty with
a tribute worthy of their valor and sacrifice.
At no charge to the family, Wilbert will donate a
customized Wilbert Stainless Steel Triune® burial vault
when traditional burial is chosen.
If the choice is cremation, the family can choose any urn
offered by Wilbert. If the cremated remains are to be
buried, a Stainless Steel Triune urn vault is also provided at
no charge.
Each burial vault or urn vault is customized with a
Wilbert Legacy Series print depicting the hero's profession
that is personalized with photos.
Line of Duty
Funeral Services
Offered at No Cost
For additional information, email p[email protected]
Five National FOP Board Members died in the line of
duty. They are memorialized on our Wall of Honor at
your National Headquarters Office in Nashville. With
an initial donation of five 16 x 16 black granite
plaques by the St. Charles Lodge #15, my long-
standing goal of constructing a Memorial to our
fallen board members at the base of the flag poles
will soon be a reality. To complete this project, a
concreate base needs to be constructed where the
black granite tiles will be affixed. The cost to
complete this memorial will be under $8,000. If any
lodge would like to contribute to this memorial,
please forward donations to the Grand Lodge and
note National HQ Memorial in the memo section.
National FOP HQ
Fallen Officers Memorial
Fraternal Order of Police
Legal Defense
Legal defense protection is a necessity for law
enforcement professionals. As the frequency and
cost of allegations rise, the FOP Legal Defense
Plan offers you and your lodge members a very
affordable and comprehensive plan.
Full Coverage
Group Rate
Full Coverage
Individual Rate Group Rate Individual Rate
$264 $282 $64 $68
May elect to pay annually, semi
-annually or quarterly.
Lodges may also have their payments automatically
deducted from their checking account.
May pay either annually or semi
Payment may be made by check, money order or
PayPal. (Credit/debit are only accepted through
PayPal). Please make checks payable to FOP Legal Plan, Inc.
Jack Dudek Member of the Year Award
Nomination Guidelines
The Member of the Year award is the most
prestigious acknowledgment that our membership
can bestow on one of its own. It is an honor that is
given each year, either at the Fall Board Meeting or
at our National Biennial Conference.
In 2018 the Member of the Year Award Committee will
determine who will receive this distinguished award at the Fall
National Board Meeting in Independence, Ohio.
The Jack Dudek Member of the Year Award was established as a
means of rewarding an individual member for his or her service and
dedication to the community, his or her department, and the
Fraternal Order of Police on the local, state and national levels.
Nomination Guidelines
Line of Duty Deaths
Immediately upon notification of a line of
duty death, the National FOP Foundation
ships, “next day delivery,” a memorial box
set to the agency of the fallen. The set
includes a funeral sign in book and note
cards with related artwork. If your Lodge
has a Line of duty death, email
py[email protected] If you prefer delivery to
the Lodge please include that information.
Human Resources Concentration/Business Management
Health Care Management Concentration/Business
Management Degree
Marketing Concentration/Business Management Degree
Finance Concentration/Business Management Degree
Business Management Certificate
Accounting Concentration/Business Management
Accounting Degree
Patient Navigator Certificate
Paralegal Degree
Associate of Individualized Study Degree
Labor Studies/Business Management
In additions to the
programs already
Associate of Arts Degree
Criminal Justice Degree
Early Childhood Education Degree
Business Management Degree
For more information on this exciting educational opportunity
for FOP and FOPA Members and their families call 888-590-9009.
BASIC MEMBER DETAILS is the first screen
on each members record. That page has
vital information necessary for the local,
state and national lodges. Most records
are currently being underutilized because
of missing information such as phone
number, date of birth and email addresses.
Lodges can view the phone number and
email address along with name, address
and membership number in the
membership roster if these areas are
populated, saving valuable time and
allowing for quick contact to the member.
Member Details - Edit/Save
Standing Rules for Use of “The Marks”
Lodge identification
Civic activities *
Special occasions *
* Still require written request
No one knows the dangers and the
difficulties faced by today's police officers
better than another officer, and no one
knows police officers better than the FOP
FOP Subject Matter Experts
Modern Police Performance
Management (e.g. CompStat)
Crime Analysis
Active Shooter Response
Prosecution Coordination and
Public Sector Coordination and
Private Sector Coordination
and Partnerships
Tribal Law Enforcement
Intelligence and Information
Focused Deterrence
Gun Violence Reduction and
Problem Solving Techniques
Proactive Policing
Mass Casualty Response
Officer Safety and Wellness
Mass Demonstration Response
Violent Crime Reduction and
Drug-related Crime
Shared Service Models
Community Engagement
Crisis Intervention
At-Risk Youth
Domestic Violence Reduction
and Prevention
Human Trafficking
School Safety
If you have the expertise, ability, and time to instruct,
teach, or mentor in any of the areas listed above the FOP
needs you. Contact National Sgt. at Arms Keith Turney at
K[email protected] for application forms that will allow you
access to become a paid resource to the Collaborative
Reform Initiative - Technical Assistance Center CRI-TAC).
In partnership with
To access, visit
and click on the
CRI-TAC logo
To access, visit
and click on the
CRI-TAC logo
To access, visit
and click on the
CRI-TAC logo
due by May 1, 2018. Any lodge that has not paid First Half is
currently suspended and will need to forward First Half and
Last Half payment to become current.
An Officer Roster must be submitted yearly to both the State
and Grand Lodge. This is necessary to ensure that local lodges
receive important information, membership cards and maintain
access to the National FOP Member Information System. If your
lodge does not submit an Office Roster, the Information System
automatically removes elected officers when the TERM DATE
(completed by the lodge) expires and your lodge will no longer
have access to those functions. Please contact the Membership
Department (Elesha, Christina or Roxie) if you have any
questions on your current Officer Roster or how to access that
information, 800-451-2711
Half Per Capita Due
Last Half Per Capita was sent out on
February 28, 2018 to all lodges that have
not paid a Full Year. Last Half payment is
Charity Begins at Home
The Grand Lodge offers an electronic platform that makes it easy for members to su pport
the National FOP Foundation, the National FOP PAC Fund and their State and Local FOP
Foundations. T he program is called GiveBack, and it provides a web-based platform for
FOP Members to raise and donate money to the charitable and political causes that are
most important to them.
Since implemented, the program has raised thousands of dollars each month for both the
National RFOP Foundation and National PAC Fund. In addition, state lodges are also
receiving much nee ded funds for their state foundations.
The GiveBack platform is a powerful tool for t he FOP to promote our charities internally to
members, friends and family and to the general public. TASC has also specially developed
a unique platform for promoting and receiving NFOP PAC Funds from members. The site
empowers officers and their families to give more, and allows a convenient way to
promote our memorial serv ices and other programs to the tens of millions of potential
supporters nationwide.
Members and non-members can set up recurring donations to their favorite c harities
and/or set money aside throughout the year for charitable giving. At year-end, GiveBack
provides a consolidated tax receipt, itemizing the tax deductions for each donor. Only
members can contribute to the FOP PAC Fund.
A ser vice fee of $1.00 per monthly transaction will be deducted from the donation.
For more information about the FOP Giveback Program and how your
Lodge and State Lodge can take advantage of this fundraising platform,
contact Gena Moore at [email protected] 0r call 586-360-8913
Cards Available
For more information contact Matthew Phillips:
Phone: (800) 451-2711 or email: [email protected]
Honorary Membership
is presented to individuals recognized
by the Grand, State Local Lodges for
exceptional service or contribution to
the nation, the state, political
subdivision, the law enforcement
community or FOP
Lifetime Membership
is presented by a Local Lodge to a
member that the Lodge pledges to pay
the annual local and state per capita
for their life. Card is only valid when
accompanied with the current years
membership card.
Retired Membership
is presented to a member upon
retirement. Card is only valid when
accompanied with the current years
membership card
Help families in need in your community during the
upcoming holidays.
All FOP Lodges are allowed royalty free use of the NFOPs
registered trademark “Cops and Kids” Email py[email protected]
requesting a licensing agreement.
Updated NFOP Constitution & By-Laws
The National Fraternal Order of Police
Constitution & By-Laws have been updated
from Amendment changes made at the 63
Biennial Conference in Nashville, TN. To
request an updated electronic pdf version
please email Lori Harris at [email protected]
Virtual Tour
The Board of Trustees assembled in Seattle,
WA for the 2018 Spring Board Meeting adopted
a standing rule that passes along the penalty fees
charged to the NFOP for NSF checks we deposit.
Presently, that fee is $12.00.
Standing Rule: Any returned check payable to the Grand Lodge
that results in a bank penalty to NFOP shall be paid alongside
the original amount owed. In keeping with the Grand Lodge
Constitution & By-Laws, these payments must be received in
order to return the lodge to status of Good Standing as defined
in Article 3, Section 1, Paragraph D.
NSF Fees Apply
Lodge Fidelity Insurance
Article 19 of the F.O.P. Constitution
and Bylaws requires each state and
local lodge to maintain employee
dishonesty coverage to protect lodge
funds from dishonest acts by lodge
You can obtain this policy from any
carrier. You can also obtain coverage at:
Production of
National Constitution & By-Laws
Article 31, Section 2 states:
The official dues card of the Grand Lodge shall be printed thereby,
shall be pre-numbered and shall be of a different color each year.
No state lodge, subordinate lodge or member thereof shall print or
cause to be printed, a replica of the official dues card of the Grand
Lodge nor shall any member use any other dues card for Active
Official FOP
Merchandise Provider
“At your National Headquarters,
our dedicated staff see it as our mission to make
the Secretary job as seamless as possible so
you can focus your energy on what's
important... our members!"
National Fraternal Order of Police Staff
701 Marriott Dr. Nashville, TN 37214
(800) 451-2711
Patrick Yoes
National Secretary